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These General Terms of Sale shall govern the sale of products and, where applicable, of services through the website whenever Rubinetterie Zazzeri s.p.a., also known as "Zazzeri Store", acts as seller. Zazzeristore.com is the online trade name of Rubinetterie Zazzeri s.p.a.

You are invited to carefully read these General Terms of Sale before proceeding with any purchase. By purchasing any product you accept in full these General Terms of Sale.



If you wish to buy one or more products shown on the website, you will be able to select them and add them to your cart. Once you have selected all the items that you wish to purchase, you may close your cart and proceed with the order. At this stage a page summarizing the selected products, along with their respective prices and delivery options (and relative costs), will come up. You will be prompted to choose your favourite solution regarding delivery, transport and payment method.

Your order shall be considered as a contractual purchase proposal addressed to Rubinetterie Zazzeri s.p.a for the listed products, each one of them being considered separately. Upon receipt of your order you will be automatically sent the e-mail for the treatment of your order ("Order Confirmation e-mail") which, however, shall not be considered as the acceptance of your purchase proposal. By sending the Order Confirmation e-mail we solely acknowledge receipt of your order and confirm that we submitted it to the data and availability verification process for the requested products. The sales agreement with Rubinetterie Zazzeri s.p.a. will be concluded only when we send a separate e-mail stating the acceptance of the purchase proposal. The referred e-mail will also contain the information regarding the shipping of the product and the expected date of delivery ("Shipping Confirmation e-mail"). In the event that your order is dispatched in several shipments, you may receive several Shipping Confirmation e-mails. You will be allowed to freely cancel your order before receiving our Shipping Confirmation e-mail, provided that the order has not already been prepared for the shipping process. In that case no fee will be charged, without prejudice to the right of withdrawal as provided for under the terms and conditions mentioned in Article 2.

You agree to receive the invoice in an electronic format. Those documents shall be available in the PDF format under "My Account" on the website. You will be informed about the issuing of the electronic invoice in relation to your order in the shipping confirmation e-mail that will be sent to you.


Without prejudice to the exceptions mentioned below, you have the right to cancel the order you placed with no obligation to provide justification within 14 days of receiving the ordered product (or the last product, lot or piece in case of several goods, lots or pieces dispatched in separate shipments) or concluding the contract. If you entrusted a person of confidence to receive the products, the period during which you may exercise your right of withdrawal shall start on the day the product is shipped to the address of the said person of confidence, which may be different from the main address.

You will have to notify Rubinetterie Zazzeri s.p.a. frazione Burchio n. 55 50064 Incisa val d’Arno (FI) - ITALY by means of a certified letter with acknowledgement of receipt or via e-mail to: customercare@zazzeristore.com your decision to exercise your right of withdrawal.

In order to exercise it, you will have to notify your decision before the expiration of the 14-day period and to return the product to Rubinetterie Zazzeri s.p.a. following the instructions provided in the chapter "EFFECTS OF EXERCISING THE RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL".

For further information on the right of withdrawal and operating instructions, contact our Customer Service at the following e-mail address: customercare@zazzeristore.com or by telephone at +390556242112.


You will be refunded the payment that we received in relation to the product for which you exercise your right of withdrawal, including the shipping costs, within 14 days of acknowledging receipt of your communication regarding your decision to exercise your right of withdrawal. We will issue the refund by means of the payment method that you chose to place the order, unless you decide otherwise. In any case, you will not be charged as a consequence of such a refund. We will have the right to withhold the reimbursement until we have received the product or until you have provided the evidence that you did return it to Rubinetterie Zazzeri, whichever the earlier. Do consider that you are to return the products according to the instructions specified below ("return instructions") within 14 days of notifying the cancellation. You will bear the direct costs incurred by the return of the products. You may be held accountable for the decrease in value of the goods as a result of handling them (in any way other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods).

Return instructions:

You are invited to dispatch the goods via a courier service or post along with the shipment certificate allowing online traceability. They are to be sent to the following address:

Rubinetterie Zazzeri S.p.A.

Frazione Burchio, 55

50064 Incisa Valdarno (FI)



be aware that:

a. In case you do not follow the above-mentioned procedure, ZazzeriStore shall not be held responsible in any way for the non-delivery of the goods. That is the reason why you are recommended to have the courier issue a shipment certificate.

b. If an item is returned for whatever reason (other than a manufacturing defect or a shipment mistake attributable to ZazzeriStore), you will be refunded 100% of the value of the item, provided that it has been returned by you and has been received by us in the same conditions as those in which it was sent to you.

c. The right shall apply to the product acquired in its entirety; it shall not be possible to return only a part of it. The purchased product shall be returned intact, in the original package and complete of all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessories);

in order to limit the damage to the original package, we recommend, whenever possible, to insert it in a second box. Pursuant to law, transport charges for the return of the goods are at the expense of the customer. The shipment, until the declaration of receipt in our warehouse, is under the customer’s full responsibility.


The right of withdrawal shall not apply in the following cases:

- the supply of sealed goods which are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons and were unsealed after delivery or in case of goods that prove to be, after delivery, inseparably mixed with other items;

- the supply of goods made to the consumer’s specifications or clearly personalised;


All prices are inclusive of legally applicable VAT.

Information regarding the availability of the products that we sell is listed both on the website and on the presentation page of each product. In addition to the information provided either on the website or on such pages, we are not able to give more accurate information regarding the availability of the products. Please note that the estimated dispatch and delivery times are purely indicative and cannot be fully reliable. Once we receive your order we will notify you by e-mail if some of the products that you ordered are not available.

Orders are dispatched by the seller from Monday to Friday 9:00 A.M.-6 P.M. The orders that are placed at weekends will be handled from the next Monday morning. We shall not be held accountable for delays in the delivery due to force majeure or circumstances which we are not responsible for. You are invited not to start working or not to organise the work until you are delivered the goods and you have checked that all the goods have been delivered undamaged and match the order (we recommend not to make any appointment with the plumber before you receive the products and you make sure you are satisfied with them. The company shall not be responsible for any installation cost incurred.

Despite our best efforts, we cannot exclude the possibility that a small part of the products from our catalogue are listed with a selling price different from the actual one. In each case, we will check the accuracy of the prices of the products during the validation process of the order and the subsequent shipping of the products. In the event that the price of a product mentioned on the website should be lower than its actual selling price, owing to a mistake or any other problem, we will contact you to make sure that you still wish to purchase the product at its correct price. Otherwise your order will not be accepted. In case the actual price of a product should be lower than that indicated on the website, we will charge you the correct price only and will send you the product anyway.


In case the goods ordered from Rubinetterie Zazzeri need to be dispatched outside of Italy, you may be charged customs duties and import taxes that become payable once the parcel has reached the specified destination. Any additional cost related to customs clearance will be at your charge. Such fees are not under our control and we cannot foresee their amount. Customs policies dramatically vary from one country to another and you should therefore contact your local customs office for further information. You should also take into consideration that, upon completing your order on the website, you are considered as the importer and you are therefore supposed to comply with all the legislation and provisions of the country where you receive the goods. Your privacy is important to us and we know that it largely depends on the way the information related to your order is used and shared. We want to inform our international customers and our customers who send products abroad that cross-border shipments will be subject to the inspection and the opening of the products by the customs authorities.


The warranty scheme on products sold by Zazzeri Store will vary depending on whether the purchaser is a "consumer" or a "professional", within the meaning of Directive 1999/44/EC as for "certain aspects of the sale of consumer goods and associated guarantees".

If you purchase an item as a "consumer", you will benefit from the legal guarantee of conformity that the seller is legally obliged to provide for each item sold (hereinafter "Legal Guarantee") and that shall be valid for two years as of the delivery of the item. As a consumer, you will have to report the lack of conformity and/or the defects in the product within a period of 60 days from the date of detection or the delivery date.

If you purchase an item as a professional, the legal guarantee provided for in Article 1490 et seq. of the Italian Civil Code shall apply. Therefore, in the event of any defect in the item, the purchaser must inform the Customer Service within a period of 8 days from the date of detection of the defect, or from the delivery date, of such defect and ask either for the replacement of the piece or for the reimbursement of the price paid. In any case the purchaser will have to return the defective piece to the seller for the necessary assessments. In that case the Legal Guarantee shall apply for a period of one year from the delivery date of the product.

The Legal Guarantee - to which the seller is bound - guarantees the product against any lack of conformity in relation to the sales agreement.

As provided by law, in case the Legal Guarantee applies, you will be entitled to have the goods brought into conformity, free of charge, by repair or replacement, or, should this be impossible, to benefit from a reduction in the purchase price or rescindment of the agreement. Zazzeri Store shall therefore respond to any lack of conformity provided that it manifests itself under the above-mentioned conditions as of the date of delivery of the goods.

For further information regarding operating and exercising rules of the Legal Guarantee, contact our Customer Service via e-mail at customercare@zazzeristore.com or by telephone at +390556242112.

In case you detect any lack of conformity in the item purchased from Zazzeri Store during the validity period of the Legal Guarantee, please contact our Customer Service via e-mail atcustomercare@zazzeristore.com or at the number +390556242112.

Within the limits permitted by the law, Zazzeri Store shall not be liable for any dispatched product non complying with the legislation of any country of delivery other than Italy.

Nor will we be held responsible for any non-substantial difference between the goods purchased and the illustrating pictures and descriptive texts displayed on our website.

Unless in case of intentional fault and serious misconduct, we shall be held responsible for direct damage predictable in the moment of the conclusion of the sales agreement only. We shall not be responsible for possible loss, lack of profit or any other damage that do not directly or immediately result from an action of ours or that could not be predicted at the moment of the conclusion of the sales agreement. On no account will Zazzeri Store be responsible for the non-fulfilment of the obligations pertaining to a third party which could possibly offer commercial guarantees regarding an item sold on the website.

Zazzeri Store offers the below-mentioned warranty extensions for free, provided that the warranty itself is activated according to the specified instructions:

Requirements to benefit from warranty service

The customer must be able, when contacting us by telephone or in written, to provide the product code and the associated production batch mentioned on the package label, as well as the receipt of purchase or equivalent. It is therefore essential to keep such document even after the installation.


Warranty on chrome surfaces 10 years.

Warranty for porosity defects 10 years.

Warranty on steel connection flexible hoses, plastic or metal connection and linking hoses 5 years.

Warranty on elastomer gaskets and sealing components 2 years.

Warranty on glass parts 5 years.

Warranty on mixer cartridges, screws and all their parts 5 years (when the under-basin filter taps are installed, the recommended values of input pressure are respected, and water presents medium hardness values).

Warranty on thermostatic cartridges, diverters, electric valves and all their parts 2 years. Warranty on electric, thermoelectric or electronic parts 2 years.

Warranty on hand showers, hand shower hoses, plastic elements 2 years.

Warranty on mirrors, metallic surfaces in general, wood, laminated parts, polymer or synthetic resin surfaces and all the finishes other than chrome parts 2 years.

The warranty covers the costs of material only.


Warranty limitations and exclusions

Any claim to the warranty right will be taken into consideration only if notified within the warranty period.

The warranty will be voided in the case the defect is due to:

a) Improper installation

b) Misuse or failure to comply with the conditions of use specified in the Installation and Maintenance Manual available online

c) Use of acidic or caustic cleaning solutions

d) Incorrect repair

e) Use of non-original spare parts

f) Deterioration of the surfaces due to limescale deposits

g) Atmospheric phenomena

h) Overvoltage of the electric power supply

i) Repairs not permitted by Rubinetterie Zazzeri S.p.A.

j) Improper maintenance

The guarantee shall not cover the following damage resulting from failures to carry out ordinary maintenance operations, such as:

a) Cleaning of filters

b) Cleaning of aerators

c) Limestone removal off hand showers, shower heads and other surfaces.


These General Terms of Sale are regulated by law and must be interpreted within the meaning of the Italian code of laws and the application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is expressly excluded. You agree, and we agree in our turn, to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian Territorial Courts (Tribunali del Territorio). As a consumer you may refer to the Foro of Florence or the Court of the EU Member State in which you have your residence or domicile in order to settle a dispute regarding these General Terms of Sale.


We reserve the right to change the website and the General Terms of Sale at any time with a view to offering new products and services, or complying to provisions of law or regulations. You will be subject to the policies and terms and conditions of these General Terms of Sale in force from time to time from the moment you order our products, unless possible changes to some policies or to some terms and conditions are not requested by the applicable law or by the competent authorities (in which case they will also apply to the orders that you have previously placed). If any provision of these Terms shall be deemed void, invalid or, for whatever reason, unenforceable, such provision shall not affect the validity and the efficiency of the other contractual provisions.


In the event of non-performance on your part of these General Terms of Sale, the failure on our part to exercise the right of action against you shall not be deemed as a waiver of any action for breach of the commitments that you accepted.


We will not sell products to minors. If you are aged under 18, you may only use Zazzeristore.com if you involve a parent or a legal guardian.


Zazzeristore.com is the trade name of Rubinetterie Zazzeri s.p.a. Agreement: Rubinetterie Zazzeri s.p.a. frazione Burchio n. 55 – 50064 Incisa val d’Arno (FI) – ITALY - e-mail info@zazzeristore.com – VAT No. 00435690482 - Ordinary SECTION REA 202497 19/02/1996 -
Fully paid-up share capital: EUR 206,584.00



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