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Cookies and how we use them


Cookies and how we use them

By visiting Zazzeristore.com using your browser configured so as to allow cookies, or the applications on mobile devices, you expressly agree to use Zazzeristore.com products and services and consent to our use of cookies and other technologies necessary to display them, as described in this document and in our Privacy Statement. 

Cookies are identifiers that are transferred to your device in order to allow our systems to recognise it and to offer you some functionalities, such as the advertisements based on your interests displayed on other websites, or the possibility to save your items in your cart for your next visit. Any reference to Zazzeristore.com "websites" shall be considered as referring to our websites, mobile applications or any software owned by Rubinetterie Zazzeri s.p.a. For further information on your personal data controllers, refer to section Personal Data Controllers from our Privacy Statement.

We also use cookies for other purposes, such as:

  • To identify you whenever you log into our websites. Doing so, we are able to provide you with suggestions on the products and personalised contents, among other personalised functions and services.
  • To provide contents, including advertisements related to your interests on our website Zazzeristore.com or on third parties' websites. Advertisements based on your interests shall be subject to your settings, as described in the next section.
  • To keep tracks of the items saved in your cart.
  • To make searches and analyses in order to improve Zazzeristore.com content, products and services.
  • To prevent fraudulent activities.
  • To improve security.


Cookies enable you to enjoy some of Zazzeristore.com essential functionalities. If you block or reject our cookies, you will not be able to add items to your cart, proceed with checkout or use any of Zazzeristore.com products or services that require your login, for example.

The Help menu of most browsers will instruct you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to configure your browser so as to be notified of new cookies and how to definitely disable them. You may also disable or cancel similar data used by some of your browser plug-ins, such as Flash cookies, by changing the plug-in settings or visiting the website of its editor.

On Zazzeristore.com website are displayed some interest-based advertisements using the information that you provide to us whenever you interact with our websites, contents or services. Interest-based advertisements, also known as "personalised" or "targeted" advertisements, displayed by your browser are based on the information regarding your activities, such as purchasing activities on our websites, the use of devices, applications or software, your visits to the websites displaying Zazzeri contents or advertisements, or the use of our payment services such as the Zazzeri Checkout service. 

Like other online advertising networks, we use cookies, such as web beacon (also known as "action tag" or "single-pixel gif"), and other technologies (altogether referred to as the "cookies"). Cookies enable us to know which advertisements you watch, which ones you select and with which ones you interact on our websites or on third parties' websites. That enables us to offer you the most useful and relevant advertisements. For example, if we can know which advertisements you are shown, we can take action to diversity them.

When we provide advertisements based on your interests, we shall not associate your identity with your interactions with other websites independent from us.

We shall not communicate personal data to advertising agents or to third parties' websites that post our interest-based advertisements. Advertising agents and other third parties (including advertising networks, ad-servicing companies and other providers of services that they may use) may assume that the users who interact with or click on an advertisement or on some personalised content belong to the group to which the advertisement or the personalised content is directed to (for example, users in a particular geographical area or users who have searched for or purchased classical music). Some third parties may provide us with some information about you (such as demographic information or website on which advertisements were posted) stemming from offline and online sources that we may use in order to propose useful and relevant advertisements.

Third party advertisers or advertising agencies working on their own behalf are technologically equipped to see the advertisements that are directly displayed by your browser when you visit our websites. When that happens, they automatically receive your IP address. They may also use cookies, Javascript, web beacon (also known as "action tag" or "single-pixel gif") and other technologies aimed to measure the efficiency of their advertisements and to personalise their content. We do not have access nor do we control the cookies and the other functions used by advertisers and third party websites, and the practice of those advertisers and third party websites are not regulated by our Privacy Statement or these papers on Cookies and Online Advertisements. You are invited to directly contact those third parties for further information on their practice as private data controllers.



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