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Elegance and dynamic styling

Accuracy and sinuosity are combined in the 100 series, whose clear lines uncover soft curves. A unique style originates from the combination of the contrasts suitable for any elaborated or minimal, classical or trendy bathroom. The 100 series is entirely designed and realised in Italy, with top quality raw materials, modern technologies, and craftsmanship that represent the excellence of Rubinetterie Zazzeri.


The combination of beauty and usefulness

Ergonomics and practicality combine with timeless beauty and elegance. The strength of 900 originates from the skilful combination of functionality, comfort and quality. A complete line to personalise every corner of your bathroom.


Free solutions for an aesthetic revolution

"Be the pioneers of your wellness, experiment with your bathroom". Da-da is a trendy mixer, supplying flexible solutions to adapt to every taste and every bathroom. Free solutions, magnetic charm: the bathroom is the scene of an aesthetic revolution, expression of impeccable techniques to reach the essence of modernity.



POP is a meeting of a straight line and a curve. Tradition and innovation come together in a harmonious and balanced blend with different materials. The clean, simple lines of metal join hands with the softness of silicon in a colorful, playful mix that is pleasing to the touch and to the eye.


Simple lines from complex geometries

A mixture of shapes combining straight lines and roundness. This makes Tango a product with unique characteristics, perfect match for both round and square bathroom fixtures. The wide range presents two finishings and ten proposals for the washbasin, to satisfy the most diverse tastes and needs.


The original appeal of the matter

Contemporary feature and study of a new relation between spaces and lines. This is the new and evergreen style that inspired Fabrizio Batoni in the designing of Trend. The original charm of the matter, always constant in the world's evolution, styles and technologies.


A balanced synthesis of quality and design

A balanced synthesis of quality and design, a perfect combination of proportions and shape: in these lines is summarized Ultra . Simple and smooth lines, soft and sinuous shapes, a timeless design that creates an object elegant and flexible, able to decorate any room.



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